I am a Professional Photographer from North Canton, Ohio. I am currently living in Columbus, OH. 

I have been shooting for roughly 8 years and have been working professionally for around 5. Most of my work is based around fashion, automotive and product. I am self taught. I dropped out of college in 2009 (after 2 semesters) and chose to learn by doing. The reason was mainly driven by the insane cost of schooling and I figured the information they teach is out there for free. Get out there and shoot, experience is everything. 

My love for anything creative has always been there (painting, sketching, graphic design and so on) but the only thing that really ever stuck long term was Photography. Though I love other forms of media, none of them seemed like something I could wake up, do every day and still love. I still design and draw but to do it solely as a job...meh. I love the business side of creating and have been working to grow in that area as well. Simply soaking up every bit of experience that I can. 

My style changes...at least I think it does. To me it is part of developing. Some have told me that I have an identifiable style but I don't see it. You be the judge. Also, I am not a purist. Though a strong believer in the saying "it should be as close to finished as possible in camera," I believe that by shunning modern software, one is only limiting the ability to grow creatively. Over time, I have been able to effectively combine my background in design and photography to bring what I hope is a unique style to the table. I respect the purist. But I embrace change. 

Photography is something that is without a doubt engrained in me forever. My only goal now is to take it as far as possible. I do not know where I will be in 5 years but I know that I will still be loving what I do. 

*I'll probably re write this 40 times