Brief story of my creative career:

My original interest was graphic design. That stemmed from watching my uncle and learning from him. He is a graphic artist and 3D designer. This allowed me access to photoshop CS2 at the time. So I started playing with adobe around the age of 13 or 14. Essentially just murdering every picture I touched with an obnoxious amount of filters. Plastic wrap filter was my weapon of choice. 

Fast forward. My friends and I have our own skate team and we need logos for stickers, shirts and everything else we can print on for dirt cheap. Obviously being the seasoned 15 year old photoshop guru, I offered to design everything. This eventually lead to me wanting to do this as a job. Creating logos and websites for other people. Which lead to basic coding. Which lead to basic retouch. BUT...something was still missing. 

I found myself itching to be behind a camera. A curiosity I couldn't shake. I wanted to know what it was like to create the image and not just do the final work on someone else's. I applied at a few art universities for a design major (Art Institute of Miami and Ringling) and was accepted but after seeing the sticker price, I put my tail between my legs and ran. Deciding that a formal education was still something I wanted at the time, I decided to take the Associates course at a technical college. Majoring in Graphic Design with a Photo Minor. However, after a semester I realized that putting my nose in books wasn't for me. So I dropped out and decided to just jump in and learn through experience. This was in 2009. 

Over the period of about 3 years, I realized that photography and retouch was where my heart really was. I begin taking on less and less graphic design work and really put my entire focus on photography. Learning light, letting myself become overtaken with everything photography and I loved it.